August 29 2017

Online legal advice thanks to LAR and The Reference

Monday, 4 September 2017 — LAR, the specialist brand for legal assistance operated by AXA, is launching ‘The Legal Village’, a digital services platform built by digital agency The Reference and where everyone can obtain legal advice about the most common disputes. The platform aims to lower the threshold for consumers to the ‘legal world’.

Have you ever wondered what course of action to take when a newly purchased product turns out to be defective? What should you do if the movers damage your furniture? Or what can you, as a landlord, do when you run into a conflict with a tenant?

Everyone will, at some point in their lives, be faced with legal issues like these. This is why LAR, in conjunction with its digital partner The Reference, developed a smart website to convince citizens of the necessity of legal aid insurance with a wide coverage. Through this platform, LAR offers the answer to provide Belgian citizens with a new and better method to gain access to justice. The website was built on the Sitecore Experience Platform.

By offering this service, LAR aims to help citizens by providing them with advice for a set of legal issues, based on examples taken from practice. Of course, if you have a personal problem, LAR can always forward your inquiry to one of the 16 specialised lawyers, located throughout Belgium, with whom it is affiliated. Customers can expect to receive advice within three business days.

Ultimately, the intention remains that the interested parties take out a legal aid insurance policy online. There are, of course, several legal aid insurance plans to choose from. In conclusion, interested parties can indicate the amount they would be willing to pay to resolve a legal dispute, as well as the maximum insured amount. This way, customers can immediately see the impact on the premium.

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