August 30 2018

Partena Hulp in huis simplifies help at home together with The Reference

Partena Hulp in huis simplifies the life of their customers by launching the help at home app together with its digital partner The Reference. It was a challenging project for all parties involved. Partena knew what they wanted and The Reference had the right skills to make it happen.

Planning has never been that simple

The principle is easy: you order a household helper, he or she cleans your home and gets paid with service vouchers. However, the logistics are not as easy as they seem.  Hence why Partena developed the ‘Help at home app’. It enables Partena customers to better manage and schedule their housekeeping. 

The app gives a clear overview of the services you have planned for the coming weeks. Do you want to cancel your order because you are on holiday? It is only one click away. The app also sends notifications for special events such as your cleaning help’s birthday and other holidays... 

In the ‘planning’ section, you will see a calendar view with your scheduled help for the coming weeks.  If your cleaning help is absent, you press a button to request a replacement. Requesting one-time extra help is also possible. 

Keeping track of the stock of your service vouchers is easy, because you will find a list of paid or unpaid appointments. 

Via the tab ‘contact’ you will find the contact details of your Partena consultant and you can share feedback and compliments, as well as sharing pictures. 

A complex project

The complexity of the development of the app lies in the fact that it needs to connect to several back-end systems. These internal and external back-end systems are spread over several locations and are managed by different organizations. The solution lies within a close dialogue between The Reference, Partena’s IT-team and Partena’s other suppliers. The result is an app that effortlessly links all the information from the different organizations and gives the user a smooth user experience. 
About Partena Hulp in huis
Partena Hulp in huis staffs 2.000 household helps. They provide housekeeping and cleaning services in the home of private persons through the service voucher system from the Belgian government. Partena Hulp in Huis has over 12.000 customers. 
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