November 7 2019

Aterno and The Reference unveil a welcoming marketing concept and website

Aterno is a producer and distributor of storage heaters that has been setting the standard for more than 25 years. It has now finalized an appealing digital solution to make a wider audience aware of its products and attract new customers. The company has developed the concept “Your comfort depends on your heating” in collaboration with The Reference, its strategic and digital partner. This is the story of a strong brand and an elegant, high-performance website that focuses on a personalized approach, a high-quality product and avant-garde technology.


A welcoming concept

As an electric heating specialist, Aterno aims to create optimal comfort in every room of the home. The company sets itself apart with its elegant, innovative and economic radiators, as well as its broad expertise and personalized service. With the help of its partner The Reference, the business has committed to a new marketing concept designed to spark consumer interest in electric heating solutions. Under the motto “Your comfort depends on your heating”, it involves the customer in a story that will resonate will everyone who wants to make their home a warm and welcoming place.

This new marketing concept has provided the basis for the brand-new website and has been extended to cover the site design and the digital customer experience. Website users receive a warm, personalized welcome: the colours orange, yellow and red in the logo are reflected elegantly in the buttons, symbols and page footer. The photos project a convivial atmosphere with easily recognizable typical domestic scenes. Aterno thus presents an at-a-glance vision of a warm, reliable partner.

Fast follow-up on new leads

The new website aims to attract new customers and generate leads. Visitors can easily request a free brochure or quotation, or ask to be contacted by phone. The completed online form is sent directly to the call centre, which then follows up the lead quickly and efficiently, scheduling a meeting with a sales representative. “This integration process linked to the website has made following up leads extremely fast. First and foremost, it guarantees a positive online experience, but it also gives prospective customers complete confidence in our professional approach,” explains Renée Schmitt, Aterno’s Marketing Director 

Umbraco website

The user-friendly CMS open source system Umbraco allows user to personalize all the content and so adapt the information to the specific experience and needs of each visitor. It goes without saying that the new website has an adaptive design, allowing customers can have the same experience on different devices (computer, phone or tablet). The site is hosted in the Umbraco cloud, which offers nothing but benefits in terms of speed and performance.


“Working with Aterno has definitely been a great source of inspiration to us. We have been able to use our expertise in various areas and bring together the strengths of our different centres of excellence, resulting in a strong concept and website,” John De Wever, The Reference’s spokesperson, is happy to report. 

“The Reference’s concept-construction-management approach enabled us to seal a long-term partnership,” he added. “Having come up with the new strategy (concept) and developing the new website (construction), we are now also responsible for analyzing, monitoring and updating the website’s performance (management). Incidentally, we have been Aterno’s official SEO and SEA partner from the outset, assisting it with its CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) using holistic action-focused dashboards. “The two partners’ goal is to continue developing and building their digital strategy together. 
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