June 14 2019

The Reference puts Sitecore’s headless solution – JSS – to work

As a digital agency, it is in our blood to find out as much as we can about the possibilities and limitations of technological evolutions. So, when Sitecore announced the JSS (JavaScript Services) solution at the Symposium in late 2018 as part of their Omni (-channel) solution, we immediately put our solution architects to work.

After a thorough evaluation of the JSS capabilities, our conclusion is that Sitecore did a great job of providing a solution that has made no compromises concerning the content editor experience. When using JSS, content editors are still able to use all the advanced features provided by Sitecore such as personalization, A/B-testing, experience-editor and so on.

With Sitecore Omni and JSS, the platform provides the means to have a very flexible and fast solution to work in a de-coupled approach towards creating native apps, react/angular/vue applications, progressive web applications.

The Reference is therefore proud to announce that we are hard at work on a full headless implementation, based on Sitecore 9+ with JSS, for an important player in the financial sector.

For more information on how Sitecore Omni and the headless approach could be of importance to your multi-channel strategy, head on over to our contact page and we will be more than glad to help you on your way!


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