February 10 2021

The Reference and Kentico Kontent announce premium partnership

As a digital agency, The Reference saw first-hand how technology brought businesses and customers closer together, resulting in higher expectations and rapidly changing customer behavior. To help their clients respond to this shift, they have developed a composable architecture offering, which allows clients to quickly adapt to these changes and build a technology stack that suits their business needs. To make this possible, The Reference has entered a strategic partnership with Kentico Kontent.

the reference and kentico kontent

Kentico Kontent offers a headless content management system (CMS), which stands at the heart of all technologies that help make a business a success. Kentico Kontent allows for a technology stack based on the MACH principle (micro services, API first, cloud native and headless). As a Premium Partner, The Reference is able to offer its clients the best-possible experience Kentico Kontent has to offer. To help their clients get the most out of this technology solution, The Reference already has a variety of trained experts ready to offer advise and implement a content stack involving Kentico Kontent.

The Reference is a firm believer in these composable architectures, as they allow for businesses to select the best technologies for their needs. Businesses need adequate technology to support their ambitions and service their customers in the best way possible.

This premium partnership with Kentico Kontent is the result of the mission The Reference embarked on: to create the best open best-of-breed enterprise technology ecosystem possible. The experts involved with this composable architecture offering are excited to work with this headless solution to drive the technology stacks they build.

We firmly believe that partnering with Kentico and adding Kentico Kontent to our portfolio will greatly benefit our clients.

“As technology keeps evolving, we have realized they don’t just power ecosystems through higher levels of quality, but also with a higher degree of adaptability than their enterprise suite counterparts,” explains Henri De Roeck, digital enterprise architect at The Reference. “By offering composable architectures, based on the MACH approach, we fully embrace this evolution.”

“At The Reference, we help our client’s reach their business goals with the right solutions,” says Isabel Donvil, managing director at The Reference. “We firmly believe that partnering with Kentico and adding Kentico Kontent to our portfolio will greatly benefit our clients. By offering both composable architectures and enterprise suites, we have everything in store to make every client relationship a success story.”

Vojtech Boril, vice president growth and marketing at Kentico Kontent: “We at Kentico Kontent see a rapidly growing number of large Enterprise organizations modernizing their technology stack and choosing best-of-breed services as part of their digital transformation. For us as a technology vendor, it’s critical to have reliable and world-class implementation partners such as The Reference who we can trust and work together with to reach our ultimate goal—the success of our joint customer. I’m very happy to have The Reference among our Premium partners and can’t wait to see all our new projects!”

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