September 15 2020

Sitecore’s Platinum Partner The Reference receives strong appreciation and recognition for its groundbreaking work

The Reference today announced it has been named a Sitecore Experience Award Honorable Mention in no less than two categories. The full-service digital agency owes her first honorable mention ‘Most Intelligent Content Optimization’ to her work for the brand FOAMGLAS® owned by Owens Corning, a global leader in insulation, roofing, and fiberglass composite materials. The second honorable mention ‘Most Impactful Human Connections in a Changing World’ is a recognition of her collaboration with Fluxys, a fully independent gas infrastructure group. 

The Sitecore Experience Awards 2020 recognize brands that have built truly customer-centric digital experiences with Sitecore® technology. The SEAs are awarded to Sitecore customers and their partners whose entries clearly demonstrate that their Sitecore solution delivers an outstanding experience for all users from partner developers and internal customer marketers to business and IT users and end-user customers.

honorable mentions sitecore awards 2020

The Reference says it is very pleased with the overall recognition for its Sitecore knowledge and expertise. “However, an award is not an objective in itself”, adds Clients Service Director Philip Achten. “It is the result of our customer centric approach with all of our customers. Which in turn translates into an intensive and excellent collaboration between the teams of our customers and our very own experts on a daily basis. A quest for outstanding business results at the intersection of marketing and technology”.

One of those remarkable clients is Owens Corning that got rewarded ‘Most Intelligent Content Optimization’ for its brand FOAMGLAS®. “With digital emerging as the lifeblood for many businesses this year, intelligent content optimization has been a key driver for stronger consumer engagement, helping to achieve business and organizational goals in today’s challenging market,” said Paige O’Neill, CMO, Sitecore. “The Sitecore Experience Awards celebrate some of the most innovative implementations that are pushing the boundaries of exceptional customer experiences from our customers and partners, resulting in faster, more effective digital experiences that keep audiences more engaged and connected than ever, while maximizing the use of content across an organization’s channels and regions.”

“Sitecore and The Reference have been partners for more than 14 years”, says Solution Lead Arnaud Geyskens. In 2015, the first year of the Platinum Partnerships awards, The Reference immediately received an award. The digital agency has now been the proud bearer of the Sitecore Platinum title for 5 years.

“Striving for long term collaborations is in our DNA and our partnership with Fluxys is proof of this”, adds Geyskens. “We’re indeed in B2C and B2B, yet foremost we are all in H2H – human to human – and so are our clients. That is why we’re extremely glad about Fluxys receiving the honourable mention Most Impactful Human Connections in a Changing World. “In recent months, our world was forced to accelerate all digital efforts, making it more important than ever to make impactful human connections across channels as people look to navigate a shift to digital-first engagement,” said Paige O’Neill, CMO, Sitecore. “The Sitecore Experience Awards celebrate some of the world’s leading brands and organizations who are using Sitecore technology to make essential connections with their audiences online by delivering relevant experiences through numerous different channels.”

“The Reference has a comprehensive understanding of all the possibilities of the Sitecore platform. Its teams have in-depth knowledge and experience and are fully committed to creating satisfied customers,” concludes Richard van Laar, Partner Manager Benelux at Sitecore.

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