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Digital Expert Staffing

Combining the knowledge & needs of your organization with our expertise in digital, we shape the best possible solution that serves your business goals.

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What is digital expert staffing?

Navigating the ever-changing digital landscape can be quite a challenge, but that does not mean you have to tackle the trials and difficulties of digital transformation alone. Professionals known as digital experts who are trend-aware and have extensive knowledge across various fields, can help you reach your goals. 

What is the difference with putting someone on your payroll yourself, you might think? The answer is simple. Maintaining knowledge is a cost for a company. Our digital experts are coached on their path with all kinds of internal & external trainings and get sparring opportunities on demand. This makes our digital staffing solution in many cases, a more preferred one. 

By combining the knowledge & needs of your organization with our expertise in the digital field, we shape the best possible solution that serves your business goals.

Sofie Ghyllebert, Digital Staffing Expert

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Where we can give a helping hand

The purpose of our digital expert staffing solution is to help your business digitally implement your strategies to reach your goals. That can be in case of a big digital project coming up, in case you want to explore new marketing/business ideas, or in case you are coping with an increase in activity and need a more permanent support. With our digital experts you get immediate and tailored support for your digital needs. Moreover, each one of our consultants is followed-up pro-actively to ensure high quality delivery. 

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How we enroll our consultants

We always start by analyzing your needs on 3 levels: company culture, the required hard and soft skills, and the assignment specifications like urgency, duration, budget, and volume.

Once we have a clear picture of the project, we put together a specific team. This can be someone working full-time on-site at your company or a team combined with people working at our agency. Whatever concrete solution we present here, we always look at which profile(s) and approach suit your business best

Take a look at a few of our best cases with our digital experts

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As Alpro launched its new website, the company was looking for a content manager to support colleagues in various markets in managing their local websites.

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Delta Light

Follow Naomi, one of our Digital Marketing Consultants, as she guides you through what a week working for Delta Light looks like. 

Let's staff some experts

If you are looking for a specific profile, or you are just curious to find out more about our staffing options, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to help you out.

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