Port of Zeebrugge

Port of Zeebrugge is one of the world’s foremost roll-on, roll-off ports with connections to various destinations in- and outside of the European Union. Its close vicinity to the United Kingdom puts it in a unique position.

Port of Zeebrugge is the ideal gateway to post-Brexit logistics

Port of Zeebrugge offers services that can remedy some of the logistics challenges that come with Brexit. Through a scalable advertising campaign, they wanted to communicate this to the logistics community in the EU and UK.

A campaign focusing on the positive side

We came up with a creative concept that emphasizes the strong role of Port of Zeebrugge in making post-Brexit logistics work efficiently. We designed a variety of text-based ads, rephrasing some well-known English proverbs to an European alternative.

For example: Port of Zeebrugge will still go the extra 1.6 kilometers, which is the same distance as a mile. We distributed these messages through a multi-channel online advertising campaign in both EU and UK.

The campaign overperformed on Facebook despite its link to a political issue.

Big impact despite the odds

Between January and April 2021, the campaign reached over 17.7 million people in the UK and Belgium. 1.16 % of these impressions resulted in a click-through to the Port of Zeebrugge website. On every advertising channel we activated, we performed above the initial benchmarks in terms of CTR.

Despite the clear link to a political issue, the campaign overperformed on Facebook Advertising. A feat, since Facebook is extra critical of content tied to politics. In practice, this meant making some necessary adjustments to de-emphasize Brexit in our ad copy.

Impressions in UK and Belgium Click-though rate
17.7M 1.16%

The services that made this happen

  • Campaigning

    We came up with a creative concept to put a positive spin on Brexit. We advertised the campaign via relevant digital channels.

  • Content production

    We created appealing advertising assets and delivered a pleasing design. We provided every advertisement with copy that converts.