Multisource Realtime Dashboarding

Your website is operational, e-commerce tracking is implemented, all customers are managed through a CRM, you invest in online advertising and you work with email marketing. But what happens now with the vaste mountain of data that is generated? Or rather, what can you do with it?

A (multichannel) dashboard collects real-time data from different sources and gives you a bird's eye view of your company or organization: what about the monthly or annual targets? How does your website perform? Who are your visitors? What’s the return on investment for online advertising?

With a dashboard, we tie the various marketing channels together giving you a holistic view of the customer journey your prospects and customers make.

On top of that, a dashboard is the preferred reporting tool. A onetime set-up saves you a lot of time on a monthly basis. Time you would have spent otherwise on the preparation of spreadsheets and reporting documents.

A dashboard is a tabula rasa we fill up with important data. The data sources are enormous. 

  • Web Analytics (Adobe SiteCalayst, Google Analytics,...)
  • CRM-systems
  • Social media
  • Marketing Automation (Selligent, Addemar,...)
  • MySQL-databases
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