Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is all about visibility in search engines. An average of 30% to 50% of your website traffic is generated from this angle. It is therefore an important, cost-effective and most profitable highway that deserves more than a check-up at the go-live of the new website.

Here are our various SEO services:

  • SEO Audit: reveals difficulties and advices very specifically,
  • SEO Copywriting: pleases both visitors and search engines,
  • SEO for E-commerce: specific approach to drive business critical websites in search results,
  • Keyword research: important insights on customer needs, essential for content and structure of your web project,
  • Linkearning/Linkbuilding: links are the bargaining chips for good positions.

Our advices? SEO fits best in an holistic online marketing approach and is no isolated channel. SEO seamlessly fits in a content marketing approach.

SEO Audit

Is your website an important channel in your marketing communication? It pays to evaluate whether your website still ranks well in search engines. This way, you’ll immediately know where and how it can be improved. When performing an SEO audit we thoroughly check a list of factors we know are of great importance to Google attaches. However, the challenges of an e-commerce website are different from a portfolio website. Each audit is unique, and the recommendations match your specific situation.

SEO Copywriting

Does it exist? An SEO copywriter? Because really, who would want to write for search engines? They click nor buy and certainly pay no bills. Yet there is a subtle interaction we can use to convince both users and search engines. And that is the true art of SEO copywriting. It is essential for the success of any website or content marketing project.

The true difference between online and offline copywriting is made by the consistent use of keywords in certain places in your text. These are the keywords people enter into Google to find your product or service. A good SEO copywriter incorporates these words or questions in his text. Doesn’t it make sense that Google displays your optimized page as results for a search using that keyword?

SEO E-commerce

An e-commerce platform directly contributes to the P & L of your department or company. Search Engine Optimization for your online sales channel is therefore a very powerful tool with quickly visible results.

Are you using the correct keywords for your category pages? Do you insert links to category and product pages? If you use a filtered search, do you create thousands of near-duplicate pages that Google penalizes?

SEO for e-commerce is a carefully balanced package of actions that, together with conversion optimization will push your revenue.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential for every web and content marketing project, since it will give you insights for:

  • structuring an entire website or product portfolio. Think of large e-commerce websites or product catalogs.

  • prioritizing content on the page.

  • deepen a topic for blog articles.

Is it cooker hood or extractor hood? Home loan or housing loan? Maternity unit, maternity department or maternity? We all have a personal opinion on what is the most popular keyword.

Google’s Keyword Planner shows which words we most look for. The planner also presents related ideas so that we can distinguish what words users search more for.
It makes it easy to decide to centralize content on less popular keywords at the bottom of the website, or to even leave it out completely.

It goes without saying that keyword research generates particularly valuable insights. Ignoring them is not wise, since they provide you with a competitive advantage.

Do you want to know how a particular audience looks for your products or services? Contact us and we'll show you how to use keyword research to your advantage.


Quality and relevant links are an important ingredient for a top position in search engines.

But "Linkearning" often remains a difficult and time-consuming part of a SEO and Content Marketing Project.

The Reference can help you to convert an appealing idea into frequently shared and linked campaigns. Outreach (approaching potential link partners), linkbait (for example, by creating a dialogue or polemic around a particular topic) or creative campaigns are techniques that lead to success.

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