Social Media Marketing

Social channels have become an essential part of the marketing mix for your business. Clients and prospects are active every day to inform how they perceive and review your brand, product or service. So you can better listen to what they have to say. Besides, it's not just about you and your activities they’re talking.

It is certainly interesting to know what visitors think about your competitors. You can engage the conversation and give them a relevant message at the right time. No matter what marketing objectives you want to achieve, it is very important that you develop a social media strategy and put the right channels, tactics and tools in motion.

Social Media Monitoring

Online, people talk about brands, companies, their products and services and their experiences with them. By "listening" to what one says, shares, has liked, etc ... you get the brand's/business' insights into what your audience think: from valuable feedback on your products and services to useful ideas for innovation and insights into your competitors. Social Media Monitoring certainly delivers a wealth of information! 

A whole range of social media monitoring tools are at your disposal to facilitate your job: to follow closely what is happening in the world of your brand. They allow you to efficiently make the switch from the one-way "talk" on social media to the dynamic "listen and understand".

Through social media monitoring we can really "listen" so we can better understand what is going on in the world surrounding our business:

  • monitoring of themes and topics, but also of competitors
  • about our brand and company on their own social media channels, but also outside

It also provides the ability directly react (and interact!) to what people share on social media and adapt the brand strategy immediately to the changing customer and market conditions.

Looking for a structured set up of the social media monitoring within your company or do you want to refine your existing monitoring efforts? We would be glad to advise and help you with all this Both in terms of social media monitoring tool selection and setup, for your social media strategy as for advice.

Conversation Management

Conversation management: Manage conversations around your brand on social media.

Ever since the Internet arrived, consumers can make or break your brand. They are inextricably linked and influence each other's buying behavior. Therefore it is important for a company to make the transition to a professional approach to your online reputation.

Social media is all about interaction. In addition to 'listening', it is equally important to take an active part in the conversations of customers (about you). Goodbye one-way traffic goodbye, hello dialogue!

Manage and maintain the dialogue with your followers and fans with enough high quality content such as status updates, blog posts, photos, videos and infographics. A code of conduct will help you do the right thing and respond. In this document, guidelines and codes of conduct are assembled for the conversation manager: How do you deal with negative comments? Can posts be removed? What is the tone of voice? Which escalation procedure do we use in case of problems? etc.

Using a content calendar we can structure the continuous stream of content that you can post on your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, ...). A well-designed calendar offers many advantages. You not only have a clear view of all past and future content, but you can also handle tactical moments throughout the year. It is an essential tool to increase the efficiency of your social media efforts.

On the basis of a social media monitoring tool we document the evolution of your social media activities, increasing the monitoring and continuous process optimization become a lot easier with this tool.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.

Warren Buffet

Social Advertising

Boost your sales or put your brand in the spotlight? Attract new employees or increase the number of fans or followers? Advertising on social media offers an extensive set of features. The targeting features of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter advertising make them very suitable to send targeted messages to a carefully segmented targetgroup. You can select your audience by age, gender, residence, education ... and even personal interests. If you can imagine a segment, chances are that you can access it via social advertising. Besides the extensive targeting options, social advertising is also the method of choice to deliver your message in a visual way. This digital form of storytelling will make your campaigns more attractive.

As to the payment model, advertising on social media is similar to advertising on search engines: you pay per click or per view and are always in control. The big advantage is that you only pay for the people who take direct action or interact with your campaign.

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