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Digital marketing has evolved from being an extra channel for advertising to an essential part of every marketing plan according its own digital strategy and sharply defined targets.
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The self-service platform ‘Mijn OZ’, which is the central hub for online service to OZ customers, has been highly optimized in experience and personalization.

Sophie Meert, E-business manager at OZ

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July 5 2017
Is the GDPR a game-changer?

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It should be clear that non-compliance with the GDPR is not an option. What’s more, the GDPR will have a global impact on almost every organisation for both staff and contacts, also those outside the EU. The GDPR will be a differentiator: consumers will choose to do business with companies that are fully GDPR-compliant rather than with those that cannot guarantee the GDPR.

In this post, we will examine the GDPR in-depth for you, as a natural person.

Blog Digital marketing
May 30 2017
AdWords  Scripting for beginners: a starter pack!

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AdWords, and by extension other SEA platforms too, is a very interesting acquisition channel that is often included in the marketing mix, as it allows you to directly respond to surfers’ queries. Developing a high-performance SEA campaign is time-consuming work. Time is money – and the time your customers give you to do this needs to be used as efficiently as possible.

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The Reference is nothing without its customers. Carglass is the car window repair and replacement specialist for whom we've built a fully responsive Sitecore website. Read more about this client.

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