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In a digital world where the war for attention is waging, relevance is key. Therefore, every contact we win should always be supported by a relevant and personalized communication strategy.  You can only create value if the right message gets to the right person at the right time.  By providing deep, behavior-based customer insights and intuitive engagement strategies, The Reference manages to bring your omnichannel marketing to the next level.   Our experts enable exceptional experiences for your customers and make sure that your company gets the right results out of it.   


  • Selligent Marketing Cloud 
  • Marketo 
  • MeasureMail 
  • Engagement strategy design 
  • Implementation of marketing automation flows 
  • Omnichannel execution 


Our marketing automation experts assist you during the entire process.  From drawing up your engagement strategy over implementation of the flows to creation of the digital communication assets, The Reference will always be there for support. 

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April 29 2019
Natural Language Processing: a marketer's point of view

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Natural Language Processing is a subfield of artificial intelligence and computer science, that concerns itself with a computers understanding of the human language. In recent years, many of its derived applications have been implemented in our everyday lives. I tell my car to call Peter, ask Shazam about that catchy song and, maybe soon, demand my computer to produce a Shakespeare-like sonnet to sway my girlfriend of her feet. These are some really cool applications, but if your company is not in the tech sector, is there business value in it for you?
September 21 2018
Marketo joins Adobe in its battle for the Marketer

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As a Marketo Silver Partner, we’re not only following up on what happens with one of our favorite tools, but also on the what’s happening in the world around it. Within the offering of The Reference and the Emakina Group, we are proud to cover Marketo, Selligent, Pardot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Campaigner, Silverpop and many others. This gives us a unique view on the capabilities and services of most solutions available in the market. We are a huge fan of Marketo and see the changes in its ownership as a big plus for their future. 
Blog Creation and implementation
July 17 2018
Own the Customer with Sitecore

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Are you a customer expert? As a marketing professional the answer should be a resounding yes. Yet, many marketers, particularly in B2B struggle to show proper value. A Nielsen study shows that only 26% of CMOs feel very confident they have the right technology and resources. It is no surprise that being a customer expert is difficult. Read on to learn how to tackle the challenges on the road to owning the customer.
It's more than digital, it's your business
The Reference is nothing without its customers. Melexis is the stock market-listed global player in the semi-conductor and sensors industry for whom we facilitated future company growth by updating the brand, building the completely new corporate website and giving shape to the use of online channels. Read more about this client.