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Search Engine Optimization is all about visibility in search engines.  Having a strong presence in those often makes the difference between success and failure of a digital strategy.  Search Engine Optimization is a cost-effective and highly profitable digital marketing service that you should not overlook when building your strategy.


The best Search Engine Optimization happens on the sweet spot in between technicity and creativity.  A well-thought technical set-up of your website, e-commerce platform or even product feeds, is a base condition for SEO performance. Google is constantly changing algorithms and adding new formats to pass information to their index.  Our SEO experts receive constant training and are very passionate about the inner workings of the complex process that is SEO.  On the other hand we must not forget that content is king in the realm of search engines. Where content resides, adding creativity is always a winning move. Exactly why we always involve creative experts in all of our SEO challenges.

At The Reference, Search Engine Optimization is like a marriage – with lots of discussions, but mostly with enormous amounts of love – between our hackers & hipsters. The result is a beautiful baby: your improved digital project. 


  • In-depth keyword research 
  • Technical SEO audits & recommendations 
  • Content strategy 
  • Link earning & baiting tactics 
  • Feed optimization for e-commerce & product listings
  • App store optimization 
  • Continuous optimization & reporting 


Our experts will assist you at every step of the way.  They provide guidance on the SEO performance of new digital assets, will make their work of auditing & optimizing your current platform, are not afraid to introduce a content strategy … All of us are more than happy to unleash our lovable hackers & hipsters on your project!

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