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Are you looking for strategic or operational digital expertise for your organization? The Reference On-Site is a team of experienced digital consultants available for your business quickly and flexibly. Every consultant has his or her own expertise. We screen and match their profiles according to your digital needs. Because the consultants are in close contact with The Reference, they can fall back on the vast knowledge and experience of our digital agency. That way, you can enjoy the benefits of a full digital agency with just one expert.


It is a challenge to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in online marketing and digital innovation. Applying them immediately and correctly can be equally challenging. Leave your digital projects in the qualified hands of our consultants - their expertise is something you can rely on.

They'll be your digital partner during a temporary replacement or as a source of new insights and knowledge. We focus on companies requiring temporary support for their digital marketing activities. This means we can provide digital marketeers, data analysts, webmasters, content managers, project managers, product owners, analysts, UX-consultants, etc. to support your business on a project by project basis.

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3 reasons why The Reference On-Site is a good idea:

1. Support on the job

Our digital consultants are supported by the knowledge and expertise of 170 The Reference professionals. They are supported on a structural base by inhouse digital experts, depending on the field of expertise. If a consulants lacks certain knowledge or skills, we give them the opportunity to get a trained, so that he or she can fully support your organization in order to handle projects successfully and efficiently.

2. Selection & matching excellence

The Reference has a strong background in recruitment and selection of digital talents. We thoroughly screen applicants by getting them in touch with our inhouse experts. In that way, we test their technical knowledge and experience and we also get to know them. In addition, we constantly and proactively look for interesting digital profiles.

By finding out what you and your organization really need, we create a good match between our consultants and your team. We don't only know what our consultants can do, but we also know their personality, ambitions and preferences. In addition, we want to know your organization thoroughly as well, before we can create the perfect match. As a result, we don't only match their expertise with your projects, but also with their personality with your company culture.

3. Sourcing network

The last 25 years, The Reference built a strong digital reputation. Our full-service digital agency is part of Emakina Group. This means that we work nationally through offices in Ghent and Antwerp (with The Reference), but also in Brussels (through Emakina). This results in good connections within the digital world. We have a network of multiple organizations and companies, which makes us faster in detecting and filling in the needs or our customers than other agencies do.

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