Create your own ideal employee

Due to the continuing labour market scarcity as a result of the war for talent, many firms are still struggling to fill their vacancies. Of course, as an employer you can also try a different approach and create the ideal employee yourself.


When perusing job vacancies, it is common to see companies that are looking for three different profiles in a single candidate. Job descriptions often comprise a long list of expectations and requirements, with a job title pasted on top. For example, a digital marketer is expected to be able to deliver both strategic and operational work, to be both creative and analytical, and to have experience of graphic design and content management to boot. What’s more, according to the job description, it would be even better if the candidate also has knowledge and experience of all the tools and systems used within the organisation.

Ideal employee


Ideal employee

Employers need a specific profile, but this is increasingly difficult to find because they link too many competencies to a job description. Organisations will accept nothing less than the ideal candidate, who not only has the right qualifications, but can also boast the desired work experience, if possible within their own sector.

Be realistic

In an ideal scenario, that one perfect candidate would be found, but generally it is often necessary to be realistic and to scale down expectations. Stop searching for the ideal applicant and focus on attracting candidates with potential, a positive work ethic and an eagerness to learn. This will enable you to develop your own ideal employee yourself.

Employers should ask themselves the following questions: what does the new member of staff need to be able to do when they start work? What competencies do we need straight away? And what are the ‘nice to haves’, or what areas could the employee grow into over time? There are two key points here. Firstly: is the candidate prepared to attend training courses and improve their knowledge? Secondly: is the candidate motivated to seek out the information they need to perform the role, e.g. by following tutorials or obtaining certificates on their own initiative? As an organisation, the best thing is to communicate to the candidate as early and as clearly as possible that there are opportunities within the company to attend courses and acquire knowledge from colleagues, consultants or coaches.

You create strong profiles by grouping together experiences, specific training courses, interests and ambitions. This is a process that develops gradually. And if as a company you offer sufficient challenge and opportunities for personal growth, this could well be the deciding factor that persuades your ideal future employee to come and work for you.

Need specific knowledge and experience?

Does your organisation currently lack a specific knowledge or experience? The Reference On-Site can react fast and deploy consultants in your company immediately. We suggest a digital expert to you who best fits your needs and expectations. Our On-Site consultants have their own specialisms, but can always rely on the knowledge, expertise and guidance of their colleagues at The Reference. On-Site consultants regularly attend training courses in online marketing and digital innovation, and can then put this knowledge into practice straight away in your organisation.

Furthermore, we have our own Growth Coach: a senior consultant who coaches junior marketeers to take their digital marketing knowledge to a higher strategic level.
Do you want to know what a growth coach can mean for your organization?

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