The Reference and Google form a close partnership. Both in terms of Google AdWords and Google Analytics The Reference obtained the necessary certificates to join the select club of privileged partners. This partnership not only provides The Reference, but also its customers, numerous benefits.

Certified partner

The Google Partner Program sets strict requirements to anyone who wants to wear the label. First of all, the label declares that The Reference has Google-certified specialists in its teams and that those specialists are to be re-tested on their knowledge annually. On top of that, a number of quality standards is to be met in terms of health of the company and customer satisfaction. An agency must show sufficient activity in the accounts that it has in management and ensure a high level of customer support. The quality of the accounts will also be evaluated on the basis of performance parameters and the use of certain new features. Any Google partner of course has front row tickets to all new developments and in numerous training sessions that keep them informed of the very latest.




Individual certification

Several consultants of The Reference passed with flying colors for the tests by Google for both Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

Regarding Google AdWords The Reference can demonstrate deep expertise in the field of display advertising, search advertising, video ads and shopping. And not only for Google Analytics, but also for Google Tag Manager, a number of key certificates hang on the walls in the offices of The Reference.

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Every second 63.000 searches pass through Google Search. That translates to an unfathomable amount of keywords, which companies can use in their targeting when selling products and services through search ads. This means that it would be extremely labour-intensive  – not to say impossible – to manually implement and maintain all the keywords that people use on a daily basis and that are  - on top of that - relevant to your business in your search campaigns. However, the fact that you target a specific set of  keywords in your standard search campaigns, doesn’t mean that you should miss out on the huge untapped potential of relevant traffic that falls outside of your targeting. This is where Dynamic Search Ads can bring salvation!
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Letting Google handle bid calculations & campaign creation used to be a daunting idea, but since Google’s algorithms have become smarter over time, adopting these automation tactics offer a huge competitive advantage.

2019 therefore promises to be a challenging year for digital advertising experts as they need to focus even more on strategic decisions while relying on Google’s automation technologies such as smart bidding & smart campaigns

We will zoom into these two topics in the upcoming blog posts, kicking off with smart bidding. 

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Natural Language Processing is a subfield of artificial intelligence and computer science, that concerns itself with a computers understanding of the human language. In recent years, many of its derived applications have been implemented in our everyday lives. I tell my car to call Peter, ask Shazam about that catchy song and, maybe soon, demand my computer to produce a Shakespeare-like sonnet to sway my girlfriend of her feet. These are some really cool applications, but if your company is not in the tech sector, is there business value in it for you?
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