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Kodak Alaris Information Management has been collaborating intensely with The Reference to map out KA-IM’s own digital transformation in the form of a new digital strategy to support the company’s repositioning. The Reference took on the challenge to help drive this transformative process and create a fully renewed global website on the powerful Sitecore Experience Platform that reflects as well as activate Kodak Alaris Information Management’s transformed identity. 


Focusing on real-life business problems KA-IM formed in 2013 when Kodak Alaris spun off from Eastman Kodak Company. As part of its fresh identity, KA-IM considered its own digital presence. Too often, it saw, company websites are product-oriented instead of customer-oriented.

KA-IM set out to change all of that. Working with The Reference, KA-IM launched a groundbreaking new global web experience in 2016, available in 20 languages.

“We wanted to focus on customer challenges by using a future-proof content management platform. Running Sitecore Cloud on Azure, we can provide customers with a personalized experience—one that is customer-centric instead of product-centric,” says Siddhartha Bhattacharya, vice president global marketing at Kodak Alaris Information Management.


  • Establish brand identity with a visually rich, engaging web experience
  • Increase customer interactions through relevant, personalized content that illustrates how KA-IM solves real-life business problems
  • Deliver the experience worldwide, across devices
  • Build a digital strategy for the future by implementing a powerful platform with the latest analytics capabilities


Powered by Sitecore Cloud on Azure, the KA-IM experience is both visually stunning and rich in relevant content. On the front end, KA-IM illustrates the customer challenge by focusing on a “data chaos” narrative. Subsequent pages address different aspects of the problem and guide visitors on a storytelling journey through solutions.

On the back end, KA-IM’s system has four production servers on Azure: two live environments and two on “hot standby,” which basically means they always have an actual replica of the production environment. Should something go wrong with one of the servers, they can make a quick swap between the different environments, resulting in very little downtime.

“Azure and Sitecore is a great partnership,” says Olivier Deneef, client service director of The Reference NY. “We have to worry less about managing the infrastructure. Instead we can focus on what we do best—creating innovative solutions that clearly contribute to our client’s business.”


After launching the new site, KA-IM has seen dramatic results. Within months, in the United States alone, page views rose 145%, and the average time spent per page went up 25%. The number of direct entrances to pages rose 360%, while the bounce rate dropped 44%, indicating that viewers find the pages relevant. With the new responsive experience, mobile traffic rose 168% and tablet traffic went up 254%.

Whereas before, most visitors visited the site to download drivers, now they interact with content—and KA-IM reaches them early in the sales cycle to more effectively impact buyer decisions. 


Today, businesses and governments collect information at unprecedented rates. Every paper document, web interaction, or customer contact generates data. However, at least 90% of business data today—approximately 35 zettabytes—is unstructured; it doesn’t fit into the organized rows and columns of a database.

Kodak Alaris Information Management (KA-IM) transforms this data chaos into intelligence. A division of Kodak Alaris, KA-IM helps organizations tackle information management challenges and offers solutions for mailroom automation, forms processing, customer onboarding, accounts payable, and records management. In these areas, traditional paper-based processes hamper efficiency, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction. KA-IM solutions digitize and streamline workflows, so organizations can work better, smarter, and faster. 

You have been amazing partners with us and I am proud of our association! I wanted to extend my sincere gratitude to the entire team of The Reference for a phenomenal partnership. The new website looks amazing! Our engagement started almost two years ago and has grown steadily. We could not have done this without you and your expertise. Siddhartha Bhattacharya, Vice President of Global Marketing, Kodak Alaris 

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