Reinventing the wheel for a large Belgian energy supplier

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Discover how we combined customer and artificial intelligence into a comprehensive customer segmentation.


A large Belgian energy supplier looked towards The Reference for a strategic exercise in defining the purpose and future of its customer portal, to make it more than just a place where customers can find their bills. The portal should become the central place where customers can find broader energy-related info and services suited to their home. But what solutions would add most value to their customers? And at what point?


As a starting point, The Reference plowed through a library of internal research and documentation. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. As a followup, workshops were organized to coalesce the digital experience of The Reference with the energy market expertise of the client. This workshop resulted in lots of features, which were then checked with potential customers. The questionnaire which we used for that was based on the Kano model. The model helps us to prioritize the customers needs.

It quickly became clear that not all customers are created equal. However, based on the survey answers, using unsupervised machine learning algorithms, The Reference was able to draw several well-defined segments and translate them to personae that are easy to relate to. Not only does the survey analysis answer the questions which services should be prioritized, but the segmentation of clients also highlight whom they should be developed for.


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