Jules Destrooper

The Reference Antwerp developed a brand new website for Biscuterie Jules Destrooper. The result is astonishing and the whole team is, quite rightfully, extremely proud of it. It all started with... a cookie. Not only did it inspire the web design, but also the user experience. Design is Dead/The Reference took care of the whole package: from photography to design to development. 


Complete online makeover.

Biscuterie Jules Destrooper originally only asked for a modest redesign of their website. After a strategic workshop, it turned out they could do well with a complete online makeover though. Eventually, we got the opportunity to develop a completely new style. This style flows through the brand strategy and tone of voice, as well as through the new photos of the products and ingredients.


As always, we established the creative strategy before starting the new designs. For this, we became cookie aficionados and immersed ourselves in the Jules Destrooper world: the culture, habits, ingredients, and products. More than anything else, the new website had to stimulate desire. Not only for the cookie, but for the whole experience surrounding it.

Crumbs everywhere...

As soon as we agreed upon the vision and the story, we started creating individual style elements. Take the cookie crumbs you'll find everywhere as an example, they serve to create authenticity. In addition, we had to find a balance between the typical Biscuterie Jules Destrooper blue and classic white, between premium and accessible. It proved to be an interesting challenge!


It was a true pleasure to bring Jules Destrooper's heritage and authenticity to life. The result is a modern and fresh website that showcases the brand's delicious cookies. While browsing it, you'll frequently find crumbs here and there: proof that the cookies are truly irresistible.

Cookies sure bring joy... but so does a new website!


Jules Destrooper is a Belgian food company based in Lo, West Flanders. It was founded in 1886 by Jules Destrooper. Jules Destrooper produces a range of premium biscuits and is mainly known for its small butterwaffle known as lukken. The company exports products to about 75 countries all over the world and offers private-label production services.

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