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The media landscape has been quite different for some time now. Readers consume content in a different way. Publishing and selling print magazines is no longer enough to stay profitable in our society, full of digital natives. As to how things actually should be done, there is however no easy answer — and it is certainly not something you can decide overnight. Produpress has done what every mature publisher should do: instead of letting the world pass it by, it has questioned, adapted and adjusted its business model. And it chose The Reference as its strategic partner in this process. The central question and assignment were: how do we attract new target groups and in what way can we create added value? 



Produpress’ best-known brand is Autogids, a fortnightly magazine and website for real car lovers. Surprisingly, research revealed that more than half the visitors to the website were car buyers. Note the difference between car lovers and car buyers. This presented an interesting opportunity, in the sense that this valuable group of buyers can be given relevant support in every phase of the customer journey.

The research revealed something else as well: many car buyers trawled through all the information on their first visit to the website and then left the site, never to return. That signalled an unfulfilled need – a need that Produpress was perfectly capable of meeting. How? By increasing car buyers’ engagement with the website through personalised content, then identifying those visitors and converting them. This meant applying a new business model in which Produpress created added value for both readers and advertisers.  

THE SOLUTION contains a lot of content for the car buyer, although all visitors are treated in the same way, as car lovers – which is not the same thing. Consultants from The Reference held a customer journey workshop with Produpress to find answers to three important questions:

  1. What shape does a car buyer’s customer journey take? 
  2. How can Produpress offer added value to all stakeholders in this journey?
  3. How can Produpress develop a profitable and future-oriented business model?

The workshop resulted in a list of all possible touch points that are relevant to people who plan to buy a new car – including visitors to  Then the segment of buyers was clearly identified on the website based on profiling, and brought together in a well-defined segment: a clearly delineated group of consumers to whom relevant commercial information is then sent by advertisers. Autogids based its choice of precisely which information these buyers would receive on their browsing behaviour, using a customised marketing automation process. Marketing automation tools make it perfectly possible to identify anonymous users and classify them into suitable segments based on their online behaviour.

With the Brussels Motor Show coming up, it was important for Produpress to launch the marketing automation project as quickly as possible. After all, the Motor Show is the absolute peak moment for car sales in Belgium. And for Produpress, it was the ideal occasion to identify as many potential car buyers as possible and support them in their journey.

A marketing automation consultant on site at Produpress supported the company throughout the journey. Our consultant took on the entire operational process:

  • Making all the e-mail forms and connecting them with the automation tool;
  • Creating the entire communication flow and optimising it on an ongoing basis through A/B tests and lead scoring engagement flows. 

The goal was to identify as many potential car buyers as possible by the start of the Brussels Motor Show and gain insight into how the website could be optimised with these users in mind. 

The benefit of an on-site marketing automation consultant

We use marketing automation to advise and help with the execution of sales, marketing and pre-sales processes within a company. This requires intense collaboration between the consultant and the various departments within the company. An on-site consultant ensures that new ideas, insights and campaigns are implemented immediately without unnecessary overheads such as meetings or travel to other locations. Since the consultant is 100% dedicated to working for the customer, just like an in-house employee, they can immerse themselves entirely in the corporate culture and fully focus on the project.

Another benefit is that an on-site consultant can call upon the knowledge of an entire digital agency. For more complex issues or implementations, the consultant is only a phone call away from a whole array of experts in the field.


There are many marketing automation tools available on the market today. If you already have an in-house tool, we are more than happy to work with it. If not, we will be glad to offer advice based on your organisation’s needs. 


Over a period of four months, about 24,000 e-mail addresses of car buyers were collected.  We then classified the visitors on the basis of the content they had viewed and event tracking, according to the type of vehicle (convertible, SUV), brand and model. A total of 41% of these people met sufficient criteria to receive communication from relevant partners in the automotive industry. This was a great result. What is more, it was only the beginning of the digital transformation process at Produpress.


We can best describe Produpress as a leader in niches within specialised media. Since 1997, it has carved out leading positions thanks to its quality content, whilst maintaining its independence and neutrality. 
Produpress is active in two media niches: the automotive sector and the world of real estate. It serves the automotive niche with both print magazines (Autogids, Autowereld & Miles magazine) and digital media ( Its digital media reach is approximately 50,000 visitors a day, with peaks of up to 100,000 during the Brussels Motor Show.

It's more than digital, it's your business
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