Automating marketing processes at Vivaldis

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Learn how The Reference helped Vivaldis in making the work of their job consultants more efficient by automating marketing processes. 


As a temp agency, the challenge is to fill as many vacancies as possible with suitable prospects. To find the right prospect, Vivaldis' job consultants use both the VDAB database and their own database of prospects, which they have collected throughout the years. A job consultant contacts every suitable prospect by phone until the vacancy is filled. 

To know if a prospect is open for a new opportunity, Vivaldis’ back office system contains different fields that indicate the availability of the prospect. Job consultants update these fields every time a prospect steps into an office or when the prospect is called for a certain vacancy. 

Our challenge was to increase the efficiency of this process by implementing a cross-channel automation flow that updates the prospects’ availability within the back office system. With this identification of the prospects that are open for a new opportunity, Vivaldis’ consultants would avoid unnecessary calls, making this workflow more efficient.



Together with Vivaldis, an in-depth functional analysis was started to determine who should be targeted with which message and on which channels. As a result, we developed the 'availability campaign'. 

This campaign selects all prospects that are currently not employed by Vivaldis. Depending on the current availability status of the prospects, they are asked - every 2 or 6 months – to indicate their current employment status. Within the campaign, the prospects can choose between three CTA’s to let Vivaldis know whether or not they are available at the moment or if they will be available after a certain date. Directly after clicking, the prospect's record in the Salesforce back-office is updated. 

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To target these different segments, we developed a datamodel in Selligent, containing all necessary variables. The Selligent-Salesforce connector keeps this model up-to-date by synchronizing all contacts and relevant variables on a daily basis. 

The campaign uses a triggered journey that targets a dynamic segment on two channels: email and a website banner. Within the campaign, all interactions on the CTA’s are also synced on the fly to Salesforce by using the HTTP component. 
The email redirects the prospect, depending on which CTA they have clicked, to a different Selligent landing page. Every page is shown within the Vivaldis’ website by using content rendering. 

After receiving the email, the prospects are pushed into a Site offer. Selligent Site is a module that enables you to create a personalized experience on your website for known or unknown users. This Site offer triggers two banners: one for desktop and one for mobile. Both banners are filled with a targeting campaign from Selligent. This enables us to serve multiple pages within the same banner and to prevent that the customer will leave the current page for a landing page. 

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On the different banners, we configured different activities to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. An important challenge was that the Site offer should no longer be shown to that prospect, when an e-mail conversion was generated. 



In the last 5 months, we delivered the availability message to more than 100.000 prospects. Of these prospects, 14.8% updated their availability; more than half of these updates where prospects declaring to be available for the job market. Because of this success, Vivaldis added workflows in the back offices that distribute alerts over its office network. This way, consultants can give these prospects extra attention in their search for a new opportunity.

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About Vivaldis

The first Vivaldis office opened in 1991 and since then, they have expanded up to 70 offices and counting. You can call Vivaldis an interim office, an employment agency or a job site with real people. Call it an extra push to give you an indescribable desire to make something of it. Because just like life itself, a job is what you make of it. That is why Vivaldis (and The Reference) not only believes that personality is often more important than experience but also prefers to think in terms of opportunities rather than careers. 

So, if you are looking for a permanent position or an interim job, Vivaldis will be happy to give you a boost... the rest is up to you!

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