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Infrax is responsible for the operation, maintenance and development of all pipeline-related utilities (gas, electricity, cable TV and / or sewarage) in the territory of numerous municipalities in Belgium.

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November 10 2011

Infrax the big winner of the Usability Awards

Infrax was the big winner of the "Usability Awards" and could not only take the award for best website in the category “non-profit or e-gov” home but additionally won first place in the “public vote”. The new website of operator Infrax was developed by the Ghent internet agency “The Reference”. AG Consult stood along in testing and refining the user-friendliness.

Starting from the needs of the users

InfraxIt was clear from the start that Infrax wanted to pay adequate attention to the “usability” of the new website. The website was entirely build from the needs of the users. The fact that the website is based upon the assignments ensures that the user can find the necessary information or forms regarding the reason for his visit, albeit for electricity, as for natural gas, the sewer system and even television. The surfer can use the website extremely efficient thanks to the clear category pages and homepage. By respecting the classical standards and by providing sufficient horizontal rests and “jump links” (anchor links) the site was made even more enjoyable and intuitive. Also in the copywriting was paid special attention. It was clear that the jury of the “Usability Awards” appreciated these efforts, which was also confirmed by the general public.

Usability awards

The Usability Awards are awarded annually to three categories: on the one hand there is the public price and on the other hand the award for two categories i.e. “non-profit” or “e-gov” and “profit” these awards are granted by the jury. This jury consists of active usability experts who compile a shortlist based on their collective experience, they evaluate the sites and attribute points for eight criteria, in particular:

  1. Homepage
  2. Overviewpages
  3. Detailpages
  4. Navigation
  5. Search function
  6. Forms and content
  7. Copywriting
  8. General impression

This year there were no less than 95 entries. The public could vote until November 4th on the 10 sites that had reached the shortlist for the public award.


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