September 8 2016

The Reference develops an interactive sales tool for BD Biosciences a world leader in the area of diagnostic an research instruments

How to propose the best e-purchase solution during a sales pitch, often with very diverse target groups? This was the challenge that BD Biosciences presented to The Reference. The result is a user-friendly sales tool that will be popular among BD Biosciences users.


BD Biosciences is a world leader in the area of innovative diagnostic and research instruments for health scientists, clinical researchers, laboratory professionals and clinicians who are involved in basic research, discovering and developing medicines, biopharmaceutical production and disease management. The BD Biosciences segment is focused on constant improvement of the science and applications involved in cell analysis.

The Reference was asked to develop an interactive storytelling iPad tool that would support the BD Biosciences sales representatives and allow them to propose the optimal e-purchase solution in any situation. Not only are the target groups always very diverse, but the roles and decision-making authority of the contacts also varies widely. The interactive tool needed to allow sales representatives to propose the best possible purchase solution, using an interactive flow of sophisticated questions and based on the specific needs and problem areas currently experienced by the client. For example, some clients envision a solution in which they can find all up-to-date product information themselves, instead of needing to seek assistance over the phone from non-technical representatives. For others, the whole sales process for the BD Biosciences products should be an Amazon-like experience, with access to scientific information, product availability and current prices. Purchasing departments also have their own specific requirements, such as the ability to link the entire process directly to their internal purchasing system.

On the basis of two workshops and after a thorough internal survey among the BD Biosciences sales representatives, The Reference translated these central demands into a decision tree with different scenarios.

With this information, it was time to begin designing the interactive tool. For this project, The Reference chose an HTML5 web application that will be displayed within the iPad Content Tool used by BD Biosciences.

Following approval of the concept and the storyboarding, the graphic designers at The Reference set to work to determine the look and feel of the tool, taking the customer’s corporate identity guidelines into account. The integration of illustrations, texts and animations in HTML5 is the result of a successful cooperation between the different departments at The Reference, which ensured all elements fit together well.

The result is a modern-looking and user-friendly sales tool that can count on a lot of popularity among BD Biosciences users, both in terms of procurement and in sales and marketing; all this delivered on time and within the agreed budget. Together with our contacts, we are now looking forward to the results with high expectations.

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