November 15 2013

The Netherlands can now 'Run with Evy' aswell!

Ghent, 15 november 2013 - Evy Gruyaert, TheReference/Mobile Mobile and training and counseling center EnergyLab have launched their running app in The Netherlands under the moniker of ‘Hardlopen met Evy’ (‘Run with Evy’). The app offers more options than Evy’s immensely popular podcast.

Similar to the podcast, Evy Gruyaert gives the app’s users the right training instructions at the right time. Throughout each of the training sessions, once again filled with Evy’s well-known encouraging cheers, she also provides tips. Chances are she even speaks to you personally – recordings of the top 1,000 most popular first names are included in the app.
A significant feature of the easy-to-use app is that it’s linked to GPS, allowing Evy to tell you the distance you’ve covered, your average speed and how many calories you’ve burned during each run. For more personalized training, the app offers the option to calculate your optimal heart rate zones. Evy then tells you at which heart rate you should be training at what time.
The app has a newly added feature that allows you to create playlists of your favorite music and play them during your run. After your work-out, your results are logged in a personal training journal. You can use the journal to share your results on Facebook and Twitter.
Besides the original and popular schedule to train for a 5 kilometer run, the app now also includes schedules to train users for a 10 kilometer run, 10 mile run, half marathon and marathon. Information regarding training, gear and apparel, injuries, diet, treating sore muscles and many more subjects is easily accessed through the app.
The ‘Run with Evy’ app also has a reward system. Going on runs earns you points which you can then trade for discounts on future training schedules. This system will be expanded in the future, allowing users to earn points for participating in official running events.

Evy Gruyaert developed the app in collaboration with training and counseling center EnergyLab and full-service agency The Reference/Mobile, supported by partners Nivea, AA Drinks, Quorn and Brooks. The app is available for iOS and Android.
Dutch runners can find more information on

Belgian users can download the Start 2 Run app through these 2 links:
Google play   App Store

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