October 23 2015

Fanuc Europe launches new website

In response to the needs of producers and to be ready for future market challenges FANUC Europe, a world leader in factory automation, fundamentally changed its philosophy in terms of communication with customers. With the launch of the new web-based platform (, the company puts the doors of his "Yellow World" wide open to anyone interested in factory automation technologies.

With the new FANUC wants to provide a kind of compendium of knowledge and, as a result, capture the imagination of manufacturers encouraging them to seek the best technological solutions with the new and very user-friendly website. provides a powerful one-stop-shop (“One FANUC”), with a focus on transparency and ease of access to information, which became one of the most important channels of communication.

Fanuc is fully adaptable to different user preferences. Starting with the scope of the requested information, the presented content is useful to as many as possible and has been designed to inspire users’ interest, anticipating many practical solutions. Its architecture and navigation facilitate access to a wealth of data in the form of articles, multimedia presentations, photos, easy-to-use brochures, tables and videos, as well as case studies detailing the benefits of FANUC products in specific applications and different industry disciplines. Users can easily find and compare FANUC products with the Robot Finder function, download information and are able to make the best choice to suit their needs. And the new content strategy works: Conversion rates of the use of the product finder on desktop/laptop, tablet and phone (5,5%) and downloads of product data sheets (more than 7%) exceed the goals (respectively 5 and 6%). Next to the extensive section helping to broaden knowledge at the core of the new FANUC Europe portal, the ACADEMY-section provides easy access to all FANUC training information, real-time availability checks and registrations. With the Google Maps mobile application, users can easily find the nearest points of contact for customer support and service in all European countries.

Besides the extensive section that helps to broaden the knowledge in the core of the new FANUC Europe portal, there is also an ACADEMY section. This section provides an easy access to all FANUC training information, with real-time availability checking and recording capability. Via the Google Maps mobile application, users can easily find the nearest contact for customer support and service in all European countries.

The site, built on the state-of the-art Sitecore Experience platform, is available in no less than 21 languages covering 44 countries simultaneously. A translation connector (Clay Tablet) was used to manage the impressive flow of content from the CMS to the translation partners, and back again.

Listening to the needs of users also means taking preferences into account arising from users’ lifestyles. Therefore social sharing was integrated and since most businesses today search for information using mobile devices on the work floor, the site is fully responsive. This way the layout automatically adjusts to the resolution of the, often mobile, screen on which the site is displayed. Quality of mobile visitors has clearly improved because of it, with 12,5% more pages per session, average duration of mobile sessions up by 42% and bounce rates down by almost 10%. And finally, with the usage of the Robot Finder up by an impressive 35% on mobile, giving access to the right product information there where the visitor wants it, the new site’s results are exceeding all targets.

See more? Watch the clip of this new website.

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