June 21 2014

The Markro garden flyer is promoted with the brandnew (bètaversion!) of Google catalogs in Lightbox

The Reference has set up as one of the first agencies in Belgium an engagement-advertisement campaign for Engagement-ads are innovative advertisements which can be set up to reach new customers and to increase the brand awareness further.


Douse the online visitor in a catalogue experience

 The advertisements fit in standard display units whereby they can be used on different media. Visitors can be doused immediately in your catalogue via the new Google Catalogs in Lightbox-format. Considering the fact that many companies still make great efforts to create wonderful stories in printed catalogues, is this new advertising format a very rewarding and easy way to extend these efforts to the online world. The advertiser only pays when the visitor has opened the catalogue (this is the so-called CPE or Cost-Per-Engagement-principal). Visitors can then buy products directly via the advertisement and the click through to the catalogue!

Dive immediately in Makro’s garden flyer

The Online Marketing Section of The Reference has become –and is still growing- a strong team of almost 20 experts and they accepted eagerly the opportunity to test these engagement ads as one of the beta-partners, in collaboration with The printed garden flyer of Makro was digitized and made online available in the so-called Lightbox format. The garden flyer is hereby promoted through a highly targeted banner campaign. When on-hover on the banner, the visitor gets direct access to the folder. Surfers can then browse through the whole digital catalogue and even visit product pages without leaving the original visited page.

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