July 2 2013

Partool: a new name for an established value

Ghent, July 4th 2013 - Does the name Partool ring any bells? No? That would be normal, because it is brand new! Wholesale stores Vandenbulcke in Ostend, Vervaet in Ghent, Vervaet in Brussels and Gils in Vilvoorde want to guarantee an even better service to their customers and are therefore launching a new brand name, as well as a new web shop in which the wide range of products of all different shops will be united. Purchasers of professional welding materials, or drives, industrial parts and other tools will certainly get to know this brand in the coming weeks.The Reference, the full service agency from Ghent, was responsible for the brand creation exercise, traced the entire communication plan for the launch and built a new website and e-shop:


Stock, service & premium quality

Since its foundation, Etabl. Vandenbulcke nv from Ostend has expanded its offer constantly. Just before the millennium change, the group was strengthened with the stores Vervaet Ghent and Vervaet Brussels. On January 1st 2013, welding specialist Gils from Vilvoorde also joined the group. Each of the locations has specific specialists to help the clients out, as well as a large stock of professional welding materials, drives, industrial parts and equipment. All the strengths remain: an extensive stock, excellent product knowledge and customer focus, as well as, of course, the great flexibility and no-nonsense approach. Partool has its own repair and delivery service and can thus maintain the relationship with its clients in the most optimal way.

An e-shop as finishing touch

Bernard Verhelst is the owner and managing director of Partool. "Because this is clearly a key moment in the evolution of the company, we decided to rely on a third party with the necessary experience to help us take the next steps forward. We wanted to distinguish ourselves, to obtain a better position in the market and -on top of that- extend our service with an e-shop. The Reference proves to be the ideal partner for this. They are a full service agency that has been able to assist us in each and every aspect: starting from the strategic exercise to create the new brand up to the internal and external launch, we were accompanied by the team that guided us to perfection step after step. Our new corporate identity was extended flawlessly throughout the entire functioning of our business. Today our clients will find all information on a new and stylish website where they can also check if a certain product is available. Thanks to auser friendly system they can browse our offer, find the products they need and then order them, as well as see the updates on their orders."

"Under the wings of a new brand name, wholesaler Partool can now communicate much more consistently with their customers," says Peter Van Wijnaerde, creative director at The Reference. "The company will operate under the strong and powerful name, combining the new name with its baseline 'the industrial reserve'. Next to the brand name, there is still enough room to specify the store in question. An internal communication plan, as well as an external one were drawn up. These allow the company to introduce the new brand internally and to then claim its place in the market. The brand identity was consistently applied to all communication materials to reach maximum recognizability, immediately: from the website with its stylish new product photography and templates for newsletters in Measuremail, to funky gadgets, leaflets, office equipment and the branding of the fleet...

No detail was overlooked and everything was finished in time for the inspiring events that we organized for the launch. One of the main aspects of the brand promise of Partool is the excellent customer service, so a new e-shop was also added to their excellent service. The Reference realized this project in Open CMS, with additional custom development. The Ogone system ensures secure payments and the full integration with the back-end of Partool provides customers with real-time stock and ordering info. "

It's more than digital, it's your business
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