December 5 2013

Smart Campaign Management for better customer experience at Wink

Ghent, 12/05/2013 - Retailer "Wink" is a company that has understood that increasing online customer intimacy and smart campaign management has to go hand in hand. That is why Wink is addressing this marketing aspect thoroughly. The specialists from The Reference/CRM helped Wink to establish a future-proof CRM.

New entrant Wink also chooses thorough Campaign Management with Selligent

From the start,Wink, the brand new drive-in chain store of Louis Delhaize, will be using a sophisticated customer lifeycle management plan to strengthen the relationship with its customers through the email channel. It therefore also chose The Reference and Selligent as partners. The new shop concept, a novelty for Belgium, will be playing the card of 'timesavings'. Customers can use the Wink-website to order products and pay online. Two hours later, at a moment of their choice, they can pick up their groceries at the collection points, where the products then are efficiently and quickly placed in the trunk by Wink employees, all this without any additional costs.

'Besides offering a unique, time-saving way to run errands, we immediately wanted to make all the customer information needed to offer our customers customized information via the email channel available to us. Actually, our ultimate goal would be to be able to address the customer in such a way that he/she can always read something interesting or find an advantage in every mail that Wink drops in their mailbox. Preceded by a thorough strategic process to develop the perfect experience for our customers at all touchpoints, this was an exciting challenge that we have dealt with together with the experts of The Reference/CRM,' says Isabel Donvil, Marketing Manager at Wink Market SA. 'We now are ready to offer our clients the best service, both in our physical collection points as through our digital channels.'

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