December 17 2011

Google AdWords Case: Aterno

Aterno specializes in electric heating. Originally from France, the company wanted a kick start to conquer the Belgian market and asked The Reference for help.

After the correct measurement of the websites with Google Analytics, the Reference was asked to set up a bilingual Google AdWords campaign for Belgium. This campaign was mainly aimed at introducing more relevant leads. When the media budget allows it, brand awareness is also an important goal.

Optimization process

  1. Quality scores: are our ads relevant to the person who is searching?
  2. Visitors: more visitors for the same budget?
  3. Conversions: what are visitors actually doing on our site?
  4. Budget: is our budget being used efficiently?
  5. Reach: how can we better reach our audience?


To gather the necessary data in a controlled way and thus guarantee conversions and qualitative visitors, we have raised the media budget of the search campaign gradually as the optimizations were performed. After three months we could present spectacular AdWords results.


Currently 8.8% of AdWords visitors perform the desired actions on the site. Thus AdWords bring no less than 65% of all leads to Aterno! The cost per conversion has decreased by 22%. All this is accompanied by a positive evolution in the way the visitors use the site: 16% more new visitors, 20% more pageviews per visit and a decrease of 33% in the bounce rate.

Quality of the visitors

It is important that the focus of the campaigns is mainly on new leads: more than 80% of the conversions are the result of generic keywords (eg "electric heating"). This makes the challenge much larger: generic keywords come with a higher cost per click because of the higher degree of competition. Nevertheless, the average cost per click has decreased by 6%!

Brand versus generic

Getting great results with brand-related keywords (eg "Aterno heating") is not difficult: the visitor is already interested in the product and the cost per click is much lower due to little or no competition.

The average CTR (or relevance of the ads) at 11.7% remained stable over the whole period, as did the guaranteed top 3 positions in the search results.


Currently we also started AdWords Remarketing campaigns. With remarketing we can reach the existing visitors that we want to address with specific messages on the display network of Google. In this case we try to persuade the existing Aterno visitors, who have not taken the desired action, to return to the website. With success: because 10% of the visitors have requested the product guide via the form.


Once both the Remarketing as the search campaigns are sufficiently optimized, we start with AdWords Display campaigns. In this way we will increase brand awareness of Aterno on websites that deal with themes that are relevant to their business further.
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